Entrepreneurship in the Era of Society 5.0

Entrepreneurship in the Era of Society 5.0

Technology and information are growing rapidly. This development certainly affects every aspect of life in the world. The industrial revolution 4.0 becomes a trending topic in academic discussion in the world. The industrial revolution 4.0 which is based on six pillars that have a positive impact on the economy. Those six pillars are namely digital society, sustainable energy, intelligent mobility, healthy living, civil security, and technology in the workplace. With the existence of industrial revolution 4.0, our society is feared to loose humankind existence. Robots will replace the role of humans. Therefore, it sparks the revolution of Society 5.0.

Society 5.0 was first initiated in 2017 by former Japanese government Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and was put forward at CeBit, Hannover Germany but was only realized in 2019 where this concept aims to create a technology-based Human Centered Society, namely technology and innovation only limited to tools to help society develop and certainly not to replace the role of humans themselves.

According to Hayashi et al. (2017), with Society 5.0, Japan seeks to “create new values by collaborating and cooperating with several different systems, and planning the standardization of data formats, models, system architectures, etc. And the development of necessary human resources. In addition, it is expected that the improvement of intellectual property development, international standardization, Internet of Things (IoT) system construction technology, big data analysis technology, artificial intelligence technology and so on will drive Japan’s competitiveness in a “super smart society”

The concept of society 5.0 is based on the main pillars that include infrastructure, financial technology, health care, logistics and finally AI which is a refinement of previous concepts that have existed, starting from society 1.0 where this phase of humans only knows the era of hunting and know writing until society 4.0 where this era humans have known computers and the internet in the application of life.

The difference from the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with Society 5.0 is actually not significant enough, if the Industrial Revolution 4.0 emphasizes more that the role of humans will be replaced by robots, in contrast to Society 5.0 this emphasizes how to optimize the responsibility of working hours to complete work and assisted or accompanied by the help of intelligent machines to help the interests of the user.

In the era of Society 5.0, new values created through technological developments can minimize economic inequality one day, in Japan which has implemented the era of Society 5.0 entrepreneurs or business people facilitated by artificial intelligence (AI) where the results of analysis are fed back to humans in physical space in various forms. A clear example of society 5.0 is as follows:

  1. There are drones that make it easier for humans themselves. In Indonesia, the process of shipping goods is usually conducted by someone we usually call a courier, but if in Japan itself by carrying Society 5.0 they send goods via drone which is controlled by the sender, which aims to facilitate or process the delivery of the goods. Not only that, but drones are also used to survey properties and support disaster relief around the world.
  2. AI Home Appliances. In the country of uncle sham or the Country of Japan is no stranger to household appliances that use or embed artificial intelligence (AI), in Japan itself equipment like this is increasingly developed and certainly traded around the world where according to him comfort will increase when home appliances are connected to each other and of course the equipment implanted by artificial intelligence will support and facilitate in everyday life.
  3. Medical Care. In Society 5.0 which has an impact on all aspects of life, one of which is in this medical field, Japanese society entering old age becomes a challenge for the Japanese government and of course with this problem the Japanese Government provides medical care, in this case robots and other forms of innovative technology provide clues to the solution.
  4. Intelligent Work (the increasing role of robots). Erratic weather will usually prevent a person from working even more so in the extreme season, in this case the Japanese government develops the role of a robot to be someone’s partner in work that can certainly work in any conditions and weather, with this one does not have to worry about his work, because his partner a robot can certainly be trusted to complete it.
  5. Smart management. “Cloud” is one of the databases where shopping and traveling will be more comfortable with the new “cloud”. The rapid diffusion of services provided by the cloud has pleased users and companies, in this case low capital investment and easy integration is certainly very profitable for small, medium-sized companies and even individual businesses will feel the benefits of this cloud in the era of society 5.0.
  6. Autonomous vehicles. The Japanese government with its implementation will be Society 5.0 which makes autonomous vehicles. This autonomous vehicle is a vehicle where it can drive itself with a robot or commonly called a self-driving car and of course this will facilitate humans themselves.

The conclusion that we can draw from the above understanding of Society 5.0 is that Society 5.0 is an implementation of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 where the Japanese government is now intensively pursuing to continue to innovate against robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) which aims to serve humans themselves not to destroy or replace the role of humans. With society 5.0, humans, objects, and systems are all connected in cyberspace where optimal results obtained by AI or artificial intelligence and with the incorporation of Big Data technology that exceeds the ability of humans to be given feedback into physical space. This process provides new value to industry and society in ways that were previously impossible to be possible.

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