How to become a digital entrepreneur

How to become a digital entrepreneur

Nowadays, technology has developed rapidly. Where half or more of today’s activities must be in direct contact with technology, namely digitally. Likewise with economic activities that have entered the era of industrial revolution 4.0. Among the sectors of economic activity, often we divide into large industries and small industries.  Large industries include at a large level such as public company. Meanwhile, examples of small industries are Small-medium size enterprises (SMEs).

Digitalization in economic activities brings tighter competitiveness. Therefore, both large industries and small industries now all rely on technology. This is due to the prospects resulting from the utilization of the technology itself. With digitalization, the effective and efficient level of a business process becomes higher. The higher the effective and efficient level that exists, the greater the customer satisfaction can be achieved. Why can this effective and efficient level affect customer satisfaction? As we understand that the sign of a business process is said to be effective and efficient is speed, accuracy, saving, and also has a standard output. And of all that, the products that will be received by customers will become faster and better. So that customer satisfaction is achieved.

With the ease in the business process, we must thank to digitalization. There are many people who have become bolder to entrepreneurship digitally (digital entrepreneurship). What is digital entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship itself has a meaning, someone with creativity and innovation who organizes, manages, and courage in facing all risks to create a new business activity. While digital briefly means utilizing technology or with technology. So, a digital entrepreneur is someone who has creativity and innovation and then organizes, manages, and courage in facing all risks to create a new business activity that utilizes the goodness of technology in his business. Or in short, digital entrepreneurship is a business activity that in the process of its business utilizes the goodness of technology.

Why today entrepreneurs with the help of digital become important? The digitization of entrepreneurs can get many benefits related to effective and efficient. These benefits can be a business strategy in the entrepreneurial process. The business strategies intended here are competitive advantage, omnichannel, big data, cybersecurity, and digital capacity. This competitive advantage has to do with customer satisfaction. That is with the next day service. Where through digital, the process when the order is received, production, then finally delivered can be faster. When the ordered product comes quickly, then customer satisfaction is also increasing. While omnichannel is an effort to bring together or connect offline business activities with online business activities. That is, when an entrepreneurial activity starts from an offline business with a store or home. This business can grow through digital media, for example by encouraging the business to expand its reach through online stores (e-commerce). Through online stores, these business activities have indirectly opened new branches but at less cost. In other words, the business can branch out without having to pay as much rent for the store or others. Of the two benefits described, digital entrepreneurs can increase profits by increasing customer satisfaction and can also reduce the rental burden with the use of digital stores.

Digitalization is also certainly familiar with information, the amount of information that can be accessed can be a consideration in decision making for management. Like the big data, able to absorb various transaction information obtained as an evaluation material for decision making related to the improvement of a business process in the future. Then cybersecurity, digital also has protection for valuable information owned by a business.

From the importance of entrepreneurship with digital, there will be opportunities and challenges that will be faced in the future. Judging from opportunities, with digital technology an entrepreneur can increase revenue, continue to develop innovative new products and services, and encourage economic growth. Revenue increases with digital entrepreneurship, due to increased productivity. Productivity can flow quickly not only because of the use of technologies such as machines but also because management can be more effective and efficient due to digitalization. The emergence of technology that continues to develop along with the needs. It will also develop the types of products and services produced by an entrepreneurial activity. For example, online motorcycle taxi services currently exist due to the development of digital technology.

While in terms of challenges, digital entrepreneurship has a big influence on the absorption of human resources. Entrepreneurship with the use of machine technology for example. If the production process that is usually run by one team contains a group of people, it could be replaced so that it only requires one or two people for the operation or supervision of the work of the machine.  The result of this is the emergence of gaps. Not only the gap arising from rising unemployment, but also the gap between skilled human resources and unskilled (poorly educated) human resources. The gap is due to the increasing need for expert labor compared to the declining non-expert workforce.

With the convenience and benefits of digital, not all digital-based entrepreneurs will be successful. This is due to the need for competence also in the management and operation of digital entrepreneurs. What are the competencies that must be owned if you want to become a digital entrepreneur?

The first is communication. An entrepreneur whether it is with digital or not must be good at communicating. Entrepreneurs are required to voice their ideas many times, convince investors and also promote their products to customers. All that is done so that the product or service can sell in the market.

The second is financial. An entrepreneur must be good at control. In this case, the entrepreneur must be able to control his finances well, especially in cash flow control.

The third is the brand. This is related to the image or reputation built by an entrepreneur. A brand is said to be successful if it is really attached to the customer’s heart, be it about the quality of the goods or the image of the brand itself.

The fourth is marketing. A digital entrepreneur should be able to make good use of the breadth of information spread from a digitization for the marketing of its products.

The fifth is networking. A digital entrepreneur must also be able to find relationships related to the expansion of its product network.

The sixth is automation. Automation can reduce cost dan achieve efficiency, by properly utilizing company resources.

The seventh is design. A digital entrepreneur in addition to being able to make good use of the breadth of the scope of digitalization. It will be very useless too, if the information or marketing of the product does not attract the attention of customers. Therefore, digital entrepreneurs are expected to also have the design ability to beautify the function and appearance of their products.

The eighth is analytical. It means that a digital entrepreneur who has easily and quickly obtained information related to his business process must be able to analyze from the information obtained. This analysis is very useful especially for detecting what challenges a digital entrepreneur will face in the future.

The ninth is technical. A digital entrepreneur should not be required to understand the whole about programming. But at least, a digital entrepreneur is able to understand algorithms and structured ways of thinking that can be useful in logical thinking for solving even very complex problems.

The tenth is learning. A digital entrepreneur should want to continue learning either from real experience or from physical and non-physical knowledge (online learning).

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