What drive entrepreneurial spirit?

What drive entrepreneurial spirit?

This article continues the previous article “being an entrepreneur is a choice”. Author will explore what actually drive students’ entrepreneurial spirit. Motivating students to want to be entrepreneurs require patience. Why? Because being an employee after graduating from college is already embedded in the mindset of most students. In fact, of the 40 students who attended entrepreneurship lectures, for example, less than 10% of them will answer YES steadily when asked if they are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Sure, the remaining 90% of them imagine being a risky entrepreneur.

The risks of being an entrepreneur are there. It’s the same with being an employee, is it not at risk? There must be a risk! The risk of losing a job when the company is in bankruptcy. Unemployment is also a risk. Well, if everythings are risky, the your job is how to minimize the risk.

The risks of being an entrepreneur can be suppressed with a good understanding of the attitude and mentality of an entrepreneur. Many ways can be done to develop attitude and mental as an entrepreneur. The following tips can be used to develop attitudes and mind if you want to become a successful entrepreneur:

First, know how to find satisfaction and be proud of their work and achievements. Remember, no matter how small the effort, do it with pride. The purpose of an entrepreneur’s life is not just to make a profit. They will be satisfied and proud of their work is useful to many people, whether consumers, suppliers, employees, and the surrounding community. This is a form of fulfillment of self-actualization, which Abraham Maslow claimed to be the highest level of motivation of a person.

Second, always be positive about your work. A positive attitude towards work will make the job exciting, interesting, and fulfilling. Don’t forget that always be positive about work, helping to increase productivity.

Third, take the time to reflect on the activities that have been and will be carried out. Self-reflection like this can be done every day for 10 minutes before going to bed. A successful entrepreneur always sticks to the principle today must be better than yesterday. Tomorrow must be better than what we do today.

Fourth, develop a sense of humor. The entrepreneurial world is very dynamic. Stress becomes a daily psychological condition. An entrepreneur should have a high sense of humor, but proportional. In a tough negotiation, a sense of humor can dilute the atmosphere of the negotiations.

Fifth, focus the mind to solve various problems. Successful entrepreneurs are always required to focus on solving various problems. Never delay solving a problem should be the main principle of an entrepreneur.

Sixth, hang out with people who think positively and work like entrepreneurs. Hanging out with people who think positively will transmit a positive aura. Making friends with fellow entrepreneurs will be useful in terms of knowledge sharing.

Seventh, stay away from negative thoughts and ideas. Know that thinking negatively about something will prevent you from grabbing opportunities.

Eighth, you must always be aware of opportunities to improve things both in personal life, work-life, and in people’s lives. Remember, entrepreneurs are people who can capture opportunities and optimize them into financial and non-financial benefits.

Ninth, you are afraid to abandon an idea, if it does not produce something right. Entrepreneurs are always creative. 1001 ideas are in their minds. When realizing an idea and not succeeding, entrepreneurs are never afraid of losing ideas.

Tenth, trust yourself and your talents. Entrepreneurs believe that success will come to yourself and the talent you have. Success will come to people who believe in their abilities and use them to the fullest.

In the end, you start evaluating yourself whether the 10 attitudes and mental attitudes are inherent in you. If all the characteristics are in the campus world, do not hesitate to dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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